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Which Appointment Option is Best For Me:

Three regular appointment options are available to established patients. I am often asked how to determine which option to choose when calling for an appointment or scheduling online.


The 20 minute appointment @ $65.00 is recommended for those patients who:
*Are seen regularly.
*Have health issues that are clearly defined such as a minor injury or ongoing care.
*Have health concerns that have been addressed with Dr. Cameron in past visits.
*Have only 1 or 2 areas of concern.
The 40 minute appointment @ $110.00 is recommended for those patients who:
*Have 2 or more health issues to address at one visit.
*Need more time to physically move through an appointment
*Need more time to address health questions and receive explanation from the Dr.
*Want to go over recent lab results with an explanation and treatment plan options.
*Have a complicated injury or pain form an undetermined source.
*Have NOT been seen within the last year. (Schedule an Update – same cost)

A NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) Appointment is $115.00 for 40 minutes and $175 for 60 minutes.

My goal is to fully address your primary concerns at each appointment. For financial reasons, it may not always be possible for you to choose a longer appointment even when it may better fit your needs. While a shorter appointment allows us to address fewer areas of concern, good care and progress can be accomplished in 20 minutes.
Occasionally appointments do run overtime due to unexpected patient needs. When we do run late, all the patients that follow are impacted. In those situations, when your appointment is delayed, know that I value your time and appreciate your understanding.
I am honored that you have chosen me to care for your chiropractic, applied kinesiology and general health needs.

All the best to your health,

Dr. Philip G. Cameron, DC

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